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On a night bathed in moonlight where no one will be,

I slip out of my skin and into the sea

Languidly drifting, my soul starts to grow...

Pulse of the Mother rocking me slow


In • Out • Ebb • Flow

Palms caress the glowing altar above

Inhale the Cosmos..

Expel only Love


I am so, so happy you are here.

I wanted to create this space as a carefree repository for my findings - scientific creative, spiritual - around floating. Floatation therapy has been a mode of relaxation, rehabilitation, and mind expansion for over 60 years now. Come along with me and explore what it is, how it can positively transform almost anyone's outlook on this crazy life, and meet some of the dopest people who have been doing this way longer than I have.

Can't wait to see where this leads!

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you are the universe experiencing itself

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