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Top 10 Reasons to Float Today [Even If You Never Have Before!]

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

1. Self Care = Love Yourself!

Gone are the days where our society views Me Time as selfish. We are discovering that self care is truly crucial to avoiding burn-out,

maintaining good health, and strengthening our relationships. Floating is the ultimate moment of me-time. For 1-2 hours you are distraction free on a whole new level. No phones, no work, no feelings of being pulled in 5 directions at once! (Bonus: If you want, you can even use the time to think through the healthy boundaries you want to express to

the people in your life.)

2. Dip Into Meditation

Meditation can sometimes feel intimidating (“How can I think about NOT thinking?”). Over the course of a day, your body is using a lot of energy -- constantly taking in visual cues, processing countless stimuli, and keeping all of your vital organs nice and warm. You’re like a phone with every single program running, even though you thought you turned them all off! But within the peaceful, quiet, dark tank, these stimuli are blissfully reduced. Your biocomputer ‘software’ will require much less energy and you'll be able to slip easily into a meditative state.

3. Your Skin Will Thank You!

The beautiful formula in the water is pure, clean, magnesium sulfate. Magnesium, a macromineral, is present in every cell of your body. [macromineral: (n) Any mineral required in the diet in relatively large amounts, especially calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.] The mineral plays an integral role in gene maintenance & healthy brain function. As you lie back and relax, the compound acts as a gentle exfoliant that rejuvenates your skin. Magnesium has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as well, so you may see an improvement in skin conditions. Additionally, as any Epsom Salt soak enthusiast will attest, the minerals draw toxins out of your body, leaving you with a healthy glow and a feeling of being super-charged!

4. Two Words: Pain Relief

Perhaps one of the most impactful benefits of floating is temporary relief from physical pain. I am lucky enough to not suffer from consistent physical pain, but hear that it can be relentless, demoralizing, and utterly exhausting. My heart goes out to anyone suffering daily in this way. Those who endure pain and discomfort attributed to chronic conditions or physical trauma, like a car accident, have been known to find merciful relief in the tank. One of my greatest Float Teachers became an instant float proponent when he discovered that the water held the key to the physical relief he had been so desperately seeking.

5. Tap Into Your Inner Creative

Whether you're an artist, musician, or performer (or all three rolled into a Secret Shower Singer Extraordinaire), you can further unlock your imagination through floating. In the stillness of the tank, your brain is capable of producing theta brainwaves. This brain state is the frequency of daydreams, ideas, and inspiration. Lean into it!

You might also be surprised to know that your beautiful and complex mind does not need to rely on outside light sources to produce vivid visions in the dark. John C Lilly, the psychoanalyst who pioneered flotation therapy once said "We can full Technicolor in complete darkness with eyes closed. It has been found in the previous isolation work that one can, as it were, have 'waking dreams' in the dark and see fully lighted three dimensional colored objects without benefit of light [!]" (Lilly, 'The Deep Self', 1977)

Here's my favorite float tank inspired song. This was actually written and conceived in a float session. The human mind is so wondrously intricate! Carousel Kings - Here, Now, Forever

6. Problem Solved

If you're anything like me (aka human), you tend to procrastinate difficult issues. Your brain, as an organ, consumes about 25% of your body's calories (!!) so when you come up to a perceived mental wall, thinking it through can feel tiring and HARD. Activities like deep problem-solving that cause frustration are biologically averse to us and mentally, we are geared to want to avoid them. Our brains would rather fall into patterns that are meaningless and automatic (Scroll...Scroll...Refresh..Repeat...Seem cringingly familiar?). Now, having said that...nod your head knowingly if your difficult problem has ever magically disappeared just because you didn't feel like dealing with it!!

Right. Didn't think so.

But now, perhaps put yourself in a dark, quiet, still space with nothing else to do but pour your clever, limitless thoughts toward solving that very problem. Going into your float session with a problem / question / intention can really guide your subconscious wandering thoughts and give you a new insight you might not have previously considered. Now that's what I call a *Think Tank* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7. Ahhhh...Stress Relief

One of my favorite rewards of this practice is stress relief. Stress is so detrimental to your health. If you let yourself get bogged down by worry, cortisol (a stress hormone) floods into your system like an insidious, self-administered poison. NO THANKS! When I slip into the tank, measured breathing helps me slip away from my (plentiful) anxiety. Somewhere in the 10-30 minute range, my brain starts producing endorphins, a version of the body's 'Happy Chemicals' that are typically gained from exercise, laughing, or lounging in the sunshine. Makes me want to give myself a hug! [(See also, #1. Self Love :)]

In short, for my fellow neurophiles out there, it has been shown that this modality can be used as a nonpharmacological supplemental treatment for symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Can't wait to post my Deep Dive on What's Going On In Your Brain When You Float!)

8. Flying High

Its one of the closest things you’ll ever find to the feeling of flying.

In 1,000lb of magnesium sulfate, you feel truly and effortlessly weightless, no matter your shape, size, or physical ability. This sensation is beautifully surreal. This point deserves to be experienced, more than discussed, so I'll leave this one to the imagination of the 6-year-old super hero still living in a chamber of your heart.

Shoutout to the first place that 'taught me to fly' - East Coast Float Spa in West Chester (and Princeton). This is the perfect spa to try, even if its your first time. Matt Kay is the reason I'm sitting here today writing this with a smile on my face. He brought me through the doorway, and I've never looked back!

9. Community

Generally speaking, the float community is made up of some pretty chill, welcoming people! (Must be all that time they spend relaxing in the tank.) I have yet to meet a spa owner that doesn’t love spreading information on this unique experience. Ask any floater you know (Oh hey, or leave a question in the comment section.) and I bet they’d be happy to fill you in on all you want to know. Local spas would also be happy to give you a tour. Many already feature virtual walk-through videos on their websites. Bring a friend so you can both try something new and exciting!

Take, for instance, Eric over at Apex Float Technologies . We connected on Instagram and he took the time to have an hour long conversation with me, a total stranger, all about integrating float practice into my life, best methods and practices. What a genuinely decent human being!

10. Accessibility

Whether its tanks, pods, or bigger float rooms that you desire, the number of places to float is on the rise. In the coming weeks, I’ll be spotlighting float centers and spas that I love. You will get a first-hand view of how they work, tips on having the best experience, and help with finding the places that fit your vibe for the optimal experience!

With all these holiday deals, I booked myself sessions with Aspire Wellness (Newark), First State Floats (Bear), & Halcyon Floats (Philly). Now is the best time to grab a good deal if you're curious. Check back to hear about my experiences at each place.

Let me know what you think - Would you try it? Have you done it? Which spas should we check out?

Til next time - remember to give yourself permission to re-set, re-adjust, & re-focus as many times as you need! Thank you so much for reading.


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