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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

Happy April, Friends!

Whew - what an exciting time. The Spring Equinox is upon us and, in response, our spirits are blooming. My sun-kissed heart couldn't be more pleased with the lengthening days and the warming temperatures. This month is also Earth Month! In my humble opinion, every month should be Earth Month...but its nice that Mother Nature's PR team got together to remind us that we are honored stewards on this lovely planet we inhabit.

While fun things like Earth Month and Earth Day are important to spur conservation and humanitarian efforts (more on that below), we should remember that these events are relative, fabricated human constructs (heck, as are the months themselves!). The Cosmos, however, were in place long before we ever were, and even the stars seem to agree that right-this-moment is a very special time as well. ('Right this moment' should arguably be one's favorite time, don't you think?)

Many star-seekers and prognosticators believe that, as a planet, we are transitioning from the predominant Age of Pisces, and ascending into the Age of Aquarius. The theory behind assigning a solar (and thus, global) Age, is that the Sun, as a star, passes through the zodiac constellations as it travels though the Cosmos. The constellation, or house, that the Sun is passing through during the Spring Equinox (a day of equal daylight and darkness hours) designates the current astrological age. For Earth, it takes approximately a month to move through each zodiac house. For the Sun, the process takes approximately 2,160 years (give or take, depending on the size of the constellation).

[Bonus factoid: The amount of time it takes the Sun to move through all 12 zodiac houses? 25,920 years! Otherwise referred to as a "Great Year"].

As residents of this particular space rock, we get to reap the benefits or challenges that the current astrological age filters over us.

Although there is some discussion around the timing of this impending transition from Pisces to Aquarius, we can look to the themes and overtones of the last two ages and their effect on us. Each era is said to be marked by certain broad-stroke characteristics. For instance..

The Age of Aries (approx. 2000 BC - AD 1) [± 200 years]

  • The Age of Law - Within this epoch, the first codes of justice in known history were established. The Code of Hammurabi recorded legal standards as one of the earliest and most complete of its kind to be written. During this time the sacred Vedas were compiled in India and the Vedic religion thrived.

  • Flourishing Prosperity - Great civilizations were climbing to their peak of culture, knowledge, and wealth. Egypt, an already illustrious dynasty, was transitioning from its Middle Kingdom to its New Kingdom. The Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian Empires were in a Golden Age as well. The Kingdom of Kush was established. Alexander the Great rose and fell, leaving a momentous influence on the world. It truly was the Age of Empire!

  • Spirit of Fire - Overtones in the Age of Aries were marked by much energy, passion, and courage. Like your Aries friends, those under the influence of this sign are fiery leaders that quite literally go after the things they value, and fight fiercely to protect their own. All in all, I imagine it was probably a pretty LOUD time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And then came...

The Age of Pisces (approx AD 1 - phasing out in Present Day)

  • SERIOUS phases of Creation & expressions of Faith - This was an era where human's longed to foster a sense of belonging and spiritual understanding. In response, groups came together and codified belief systems. Did you know that SEVERAL of the world's major organized religions were founded under this Age? The utopian side of this spectrum can nurture unity and compassion, and the dark end of this system can actually yield division and alienation.

  • Embracing Duality - The symbolism of Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, represents the duality of oneness -- the notion of good vs. evil -- stark lines of division. This can go so far as to create lines of alienation ('insider vs. outsider' mentality).

  • Loyalty - The duality mentioned above does lead to a sense of deep compassion and sense of connectedness with those perceived to be on-the-inside. People have demonstrated strong loyalty and affinity for the groups with which they feel they belong. Caution should be taken to insure this compassion is extended beyond our own immediate community.

And now that is all changing.

"Hopefully, when the Age of Pisces does end, we would have all learned that our imagination is limitless, that duality is real but also an illusion, and that love and compassion make for a better world." -anon.

The Age of Aquarius (Present Day - 4,200 BC)

  • Nonconformity - Old traditions can make way for the Rise of the Rebel! Time to cast off antiquated customs and systems that have long since soured. We are unsatisfied by the status quo and will work to increase understanding, while simultaneously moving away from the archaic establishments.

  • Embracing Technology & Progress -The Aquarian Age is represented by matters of the mind - thought expansion and reality-altering innovation. In this time, we'll find all new ways to FLY. The coming age is marked by rapid technological advances and a synchronous singularity.

  • Altruism and Philanthropy - Humanitarian efforts are absolutely cool again. Community will create resources on a local level and meaningful grassroots efforts will flourish. As one of us thrives, we should all thrive. We rise together. Our compassion will be somewhat eccentric, and unbound by traditional convention. In this spirit, we must avoid giving way to a group-think mentality. For the sake of altruism, we must not compromise our own thoughts and beliefs.

So there you have it! Its time for the ultimate glow-up. Whether we've already crossed into this Age, or it is still on the horizon, perhaps more importantly, Aquarius is a state of mind we should all consider. I appreciate you reading the musings of this little neophyte astrologian!

- A


In honor of Earth Month, here are ways to step into your Aquarian power:

Organize a block clean-up -- Nurture Mother Earth! I'm sure you know an area in your community that could use a little beautification. This is so easy to set up - get some friends, trash bags, and gloves, and pick the geographic area in which you'd like to conduct a clean-up. You can engage a local community center to spread the word. Free, gratifying time outside.

Meditate outside -- Get comfortable in the grass under the sun or the moon, whichever your preference! Consciously breathe the air and take note of all the scents you experience. Ultra low-maintenance, free, and oh-so-grounding.

Vibrational Botanical Bath -- Combine course sea salt + DRIED seasonal flowers (i.e. Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Jasmine, Chamomile, Peony) + lavender essential in a food processor. Place roughly chopped mixture into a muslin sachet, or a clean (dark) sock, or nylon. You could even use old tights, if they have feet.

**Pro tip: Darlings, resist the urge to haphazardly toss the flowers directly into the bath with reckless abandon. We all know you are a woodland sprite at heart, no need to prove it here. I'm telling you - it will cause a mess of epic proportions. You Aries babies are going to try that method anyway. Just know I tried to warn you :)

Once you are nestled into your aromatic, floral soak, focus on powerful affirmations and mantras to welcome in connection.


From my PUNNIEST reader, EB - This hilariously perfect image.

Thank you for being here since the beginning ♥

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Jake Voorhees
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