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The Bazis Effect: Floating to Manifest Your Reality

A note to you, Reader: This will not be a typical Spa Spotlight. FLOAT SNJ and its galactic composer offer a fully immersive experience, which may be unlike any other float spa you've encountered. If you want photos and physical description, please check out their Instagram: @floatsnj because it really IS a stunning facility. This is the first spa I've visited with such dynamic visual displays - owing in great part to the founder's extensive background in theatrical visual arts. It is the pleasure of this creator to provide a transformative, and, at times, experimental setting in which to gently unravel and discover your own narrative. Proceed with curious abandon...

Walking into FLOAT SNJ is an exercise in transmutation. Outside is cold pavement, harsh disorder and hardness. The weight of the day follows you to the door, tugging and pulling, a heavy cloak of obligation. But something coaxes you from within. You propel yourself forward, pulling on the door. An answer to a whispered inkling. Then suddenly, you're within. Here it is, a temple.

You can sense it immediately. An invisible curtain has been drawn back to reveal a place set apart from conventional toils. Respite beckons on the tantalizing tones of soft music. You allow yourself to be allured by the glinting prismatic crystals and fractal displays adorning the entryway. Seek no more, Dear Wanderer, for you've stepped inside a dream birthed by the clever artist, Tom Bazis. This puckish master of manifestation has spent years cultivating a vision. Through the aid of transcendental introspection, plant guides, an analysis of the holistic universe, and a truly creative heart, he has built a delicious oasis in his mind and carved it on Earth, wrested from his imagination for you to enjoy.

As you arrive, you are greeted by way of a subtle ritual. In order for your energy to be brought into alignment with the sacred space, one of FLOAT's caring, capable guides will warmly make your acquaintance. When they ask how you are, they really want to know. Your natural defenses slowly start to lower as they allow you the space to chat freely. Take the time you need to thoughtfully respond as little or as much as you'd like before being led back to your uniquely curated float suite. Tom has taken years to imagine, design, craft, and create each individual float unit by hand. Every room has its own personality, so you're able to select the one that perfectly resonates with your desired vibration in that moment.

Think of your passage into the suite as a portal. You will not come out the same way you went in. Mr. Bazis, the charismatic creator, has reserved this space for you alone. This particular pocket of time in a tiny dot of the universe all for you. Take this opportunity to stretch outside of your too-small skin. Let your spirit unfold to fill the space and beyond. Explore being limitless.

As you meditate in the silence, let the visions of your mind's eye pour in and fortify you. If you subscribe to the principle 'As above, so below.', then the sacred space created here is truly a map of the cosmos. A swirling vortex of infinite stars. Encapsulated within you is that same cosmic lifeforce. All of the energy that comprises the universe is running through your veins as well. What will you do knowing that all of that power is within you? Consider this: What propels you? What sets your imagination on fire? What do you yearn to bring to life? Manifest it here! Call it forward right now.

This is the gift that FLOAT gives you: a space to tap into your infinite powers of manifestation.

At the end of your time in the tank, your return to fully conscious thought can feel like waking from a dream. Welcome this transition. Awaken your limbs with gentle movement. Notice your body as it glides easily through the anointed waters. Fill your lungs and exhale your spirit into the stillness of the space. A part of your essence will remain here to deepen and enrich the connection between all who have passed through this place before, and all yet to come. Shower and dress, fully refreshed and renewed, and emerge back through the portal.

You are delighted to find that you exit your room into another peaceful chamber. The journey has not ended, but simply shifted. Soft, sumptuous cushions and textures call you in. Luxuriate in the wonder of this experience and sit in silence to receive any residual messages or direction from within. You will not be bothered or rushed. If it feels good, take this time to journal. Give your subconscious the opportunity to bypass the rigid confines of your conscious mind and flow out seamlessly via pen or other creative media. Mmmmm, what a delicious adventure this life can be! How precious to be in this very moment. You arise, fortified. Walk out the door with a lightness in your steps. The gifts, dreams, and plans you have called forth are yours to claim!

"[The] Mind...may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration...'Mental Transmutation' means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others. [...] If the universe is mental in its nature, then mental transmutation must be the art of changing the conditions of the universe!"

Thank you for being on this journey with me! I dearly hope you will visit the magnificent souls at FLOAT SNJ. I’ll happily join you! What have you manifested? I would be honored to hear about your journey, no matter what stage of ebb and flow.

And to TB: You are beautiful, and everything you touch grows and blooms. You are truly the most patient person! Thank you for seeing me and loving me with all my human flaws. It is a pleasure to be spinning through this universe in the same moment as this version of you!

- A

27 N. Maple Ave #1

Marlton NJ 08053


Monday: 12:30PM – 10:30PM

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wed - Sun: 10:00am - 10:30pm

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2 comentários

Al Bestwick
Al Bestwick
15 de jun. de 2022

I'm looking forward to my first float! Even more excited that I will be sharing it with you!


OH MY GOODNESS! As Liz Lemon on 30 Rock often said, “I want to go to there!” That place sounds amazing. Road trip 🛟👧 (Float Girl)!

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