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Sneak Peek: Float Conference 2021!

Hello Beautiful Souls!!

How is the universe being good to you? I have been very much enjoying a season of sunshine, laughter, and real connection. The fresh air and long afternoons are restorative. My languid summer hiatus is meandering to a close as I prepare to head to Milwaukee for the annual Float Conference. This is the first year I will be attending, and they are able to host in person this year -- so exciting!

My friend Lovinder of Nirvana Float (aka The Storyteller) is on the planning committee, and promises this to be a great event.

Since we're ONE DAY AWAY from kicking off the official festivities, here are some things you can look forward to by tuning in to this banger of a feel-good party disguised as a conference.

Here are

5 Reasons you should be

» » paying attention « « to the

° Float Con °

this year!

└ Incredible Speaker Lineup ┐

The conference will offer three days full of information on what is going on with float technology in 2021 and beyond. There are many dedicated and gifted minds that are lending their energy to conducting legitimate scientific research around the effects of float on the body's systems, emotional regulation, and the community. I am open to being surprised by what information is presented, but I'm certainly looking forward to a few talks:

Dr. Flux: Brilliant • Innovative • Visually Stunning

What's not to look forward to? Dr. Flux is a total OG at this 10-year running affair. His extensive background of research in biotech and mental health converge in one suave and quirky package. His talks have always been informative and entertaining. I'm looking forward to hearing his presentation that elaborates on a past talk about stress's effect on the immune system and whether or not novel therapeutic modalities might somehow counter those effects. Stay tuned for that!

McKenna Garland: This will be McKenna's first year presenting at the conference. She is a clinical psychology doctoral student. The study she's currently conducting monitors float's effect on individuals experiencing anxiety (Oh, hi! Did I miss this sign up??). She's examining *cardiac interoception*....and after her talk, I hope to be able to explain to you what that means.

Gloria Morris: I might be a little starstruck on this one! Gloria is a tech exec that pivoted to open Float Sixty in Chicago. This astute businesswoman certainly has an entrepreneurial flare. She has been steadily building a Float Sixty empire and helping to build others up with her along the way. She acts as a mentor by giving talks on all aspects around the business side of opening and operating a float spa. She also plays a key role in disseminating float knowledge by co-hosting the podcast The Art of the Float. Check it out! They have a lot of fun.

└ Interactive Workshops

Besides the interesting speaker series on the schedule, each day is interspersed with workshops. Wellness, laughter, float spa ownership, musical interludes. You name it! If it's good for your soul, it's probably represented in some fashion here -

⁂ Lucia Light Neurostimulator

⁂ Reiki

⁂ Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Hoop Flow ⁂

Halotherapy ⁂

Sound Therapy ⁂

& a several immersive courses on how to start your own center!

⁂ Targeted small group Think Tank sessions

⁂ Start-A-Center Workshop

⁂ Certified Pool Operator Course


A big draw of this event is getting to experience the vibe of coming home to a group of people that gets this off-centered thing that you love so much. You get to be surrounded by friendly faces with a passion you share. I am looking forward to the energy and excitement of it all. The founders, Graham Talley and Ashkahn Jahromi are out walking the floor and throwing hugs around left and right. The fact that hugely respected names in the float community like Dr. Justin Feinstein and Lee & Glenn Perry have supported this gathering for its 10-year+ run is a testament that there is something truly special that goes on here. As I make my way to the conference (currently sitting at PWM in Maine), I will know a few people going in, and hopefully so many more by the time I pass through these corridors again in a few days. The conference has instituted a pairing system, so I have already been chatting with a great fellow floater who has attended the conference in the past and can show me the ropes!

Networking & Inspiration

Coming fresh off of a summer hiatus, one of the things I'm really excited to experience is a resurgence of inspiration! Meeting all of these great salty souls and listening in on the latest research and technology is enough to get those pumpkin spice™ creative juices flowing just in time for Autumn! My mantra this last week, for various reasons has been Listen. Be Patient. Just Be. I intend to jump into this event with open heart and open ears. I've jotted down some goals that I'm hoping to get out of this weekend to keep me aligned with why I'm here:

  • Be present. This weekend is ALL ABOUT FLOAT

  • Make 5 new friends (sliding scale - will accept 1 - 150+)

  • Learn more about 3 really interesting things to blog about

  • Set up methods to continue these relationships outside of this weekend

  • Be brave and check out Milwaukee!

Which brings me to the final tidbit that is great about the conference this year...

└ Welcome to Milwaukee

"A Great Place on a Great Lake"

This year's in-person conference will be hosted by the Wisconsin Center, a huge convention venue in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. I've never been to Wisconsin, but according to my neighbor, a native, its "literally the best place in the world". Oh, okay! The event has previously been hosted in Portland (WA, not ME. This is apparently a thing I am in-tune to these days!) So this is a brand new backdrop for most of the attendees. There's a really great Milwaukee Public Market within walking distance of the center, a gorgeous Riverwalk that meanders along the water. The city as a whole is very pedestrian friendly and visitors are treated to some impressive historical architecture. It is definitely a city with a personality - no cookie-cutter pre-fab shopping centers in sight. The conference has facilitated a local Float Center bus tour, as well as a special premier of Float: A Documentary About Floatation Therapy. I'll be checking in in the next few days and cannot wait to share with you what there is to learn.

See you soon, Milwaukee & Fellow Floaters! : )


Check out these great socials for more info on those mentioned above:

Dr Flux: @fluxinflux

McKenna Garland: @LIBR_Tulsa [Laureate Institute]

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1 Comment

Considering how roller coaster ride the past 18 months has been, this sounds like a wonderful way to get your heart to slow down and BP to come down. Have a great time learning more about Floating (and learning about yourself) there in Milwaukee. Sounds like a great opportunity.

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