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Seven C's of Trying Something New

Art By Queenie Black at Posiez

Happy Twenty.Twenty-Two. Welcome to Resolution Season!

Don't be intimidated by the buzz word -- Resolutions get a bad wrap. They can come off as contrived, disingenuous, forced, or unnatural. But there's beauty in this reset if you choose to see it. Decide to find something pure and enticing about this time of reflection and the hope of starting fresh.

Do you want to try something new that you've never done before? Are you ready to take a leap?

If so, proceed confidently. Start to manifest your life's vision in the next 12 months, and determine what you can do to turn your routine on its head. I’m rooting for you!

Much like a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a great gust of wind, the small decisions we make every day build momentum that turn the tide of our lives in new, uncharted directions! Why couldn't something new you try today make up the fabric of the rest of your life?

Here are some wondrous benefits and nuances to trying something new:


As an adult, its not quite as easy to meet new people as when you were in school. You're probably not hanging out at the playground as much as you once were, and these days its more socially acceptable to sit alone at lunch than it might have been in grade school. I don't know about you, but I don't meet as many people at the farmers market or at the library as I had imagined. But hobbies are great for making new friends! In picking something new to try (astral projection, spelunking, POG collecting -- ok DON'T @ me), you've pre-selected people with similar interests and preferences as you. Trying something new - a sport, craft, fitness goal, or lifestyle change - instantly reveals a world of activity and conversation to which you can now gain access. Despite its faults, social media has made it easier than ever to tap into groups of any specialty. Embrace your novice status and ask questions to anyone willing to offer mentorship in your new area of interest. You'll meet incredible people who might never have otherwise entered your sphere. Who knows what could come of it? New opportunities, for sure, and probably some connections that turn into deep friendships.


Your mind is an ever-evolving and expansive universe of undulating design and limitless metamorphosis. The pure magick that flows from you deserves to be flexed regularly. Creativity can manifest in any form you choose. Throw some fresh input into your mind and then give yourself space to see what your soul does with it. Try putting yourself in situations that encourage improvisation -- ecstatic dance to a new type of music, surround yourself with raw materials and stand before a completely blank canvas. Heck, spend a couple hours with a 5-year-old and COMMIT to throwing yourself fully into a make-believe game that they are creating real-time. (5-year-olds are still operating in theta brainwave state, and are thus amazing, tiny, enlightened yogis who are constantly trying new things.) This process does not exist in a vacuum. Your creativity can be bolstered by collaboration and new sources of inspiration. You will be utterly surprised by the novel output your brain returns if you give it the space to innovate freely.


If you're feeling in a rut, crush that comfort zone! We crave novelty; its what makes life interesting. Conversely, without growth, we stagnate and become listless. The good news is, when you attempt the unknown, you push past any self-imposed limits. Allow yourself to be surprised by all that you're capable of. The more you try, the more doors will open to enrich your life and adorn your time with meaningful memories of time well-spent. Your next big passion could be waiting, just one idea away.


Conquer your fears. It is often fear of the unknown that keeps us rooted to one spot, refusing to grow. The more you push past that initial fear response to say "No", the quieter it becomes. This will translate to bravery in other aspects of your life. Try new things and realize that this gesture will not actually kill you (EVEN IF YOU FAIL). Surround yourself with comfort as you begin: If you're an extrovert, bring some friends. If you're an introvert, conduct trial and error by yourself so you don't feel judged. Training your mind to summon courage as a fear response will allow you to feel empowered, and your confidence will grow the more you overcome.


Your fascinating brain creates new neural pathways when you pick up a skill or ingest novel information. The term neuroplasticity refers to your brain's ability to constantly change: creating, reinforcing, or weakening existing neural pathways. Trying something new releases dopamine as a neurotransmitter. Dopamine, if you recall, triggers sensations of pleasure and reward. This translates to increased cognitive function such as memory retention, concentration, focus, and detail recall.

*Fun Fact*: For the average adult, the brain consumes approximately 20% of your body's energy. The energy demand increases as we put our brains to rigorous use, so yes, you actually DO feel physically tired when you're training for your new job or studying for an exam. (So give yourself a break, sometimes you're pretty much running a mental 5K!)


Curiosity for curiosity's sake is so delightfully pure. Remind yourself through this process that you don't need to justify your preferences to anyone. There does not have to be any inherent value, marketability, or productivity in your desired pursuit. Knowing that can be so liberating. If you want to make custom clothing and jewelry for your beautiful pet chicken, then let no person stand in your way! I'd validate your choice by introducing you to a wonderful friend of mine, but guess what? You don't need my validation!! Chicken photos for effect, obviously.

Rosa, the Dame of Machias


As you decide what to try, be courageous enough to use this exercise to question everything, even your own preconceptions. Analyze where you stand on topics - your values and what is important to you. Explore the root of your own beliefs, and be willing to evolve your thinking. Embrace humility by allowing yourself to be vulnerable as a beginner each time. Through engaging in this process of starting over and over, you will gain fresh perspective on others' experiences. This will open you up to learning more about other cultures and lifestyles, and reinforce your role as a tiny essential piece of the great wide world.

A few practical steps to get started:

  • Meditate on what you'd like to get out of your time.

Feel free to check out last season's post "Setting Goals & Intentions for the Year Ahead" if you're looking for a place to start.

  • Surround yourself with positivity.

A "yes" mindset aligns your attitude to accept flexibility. Exchange ideas with encouraging friends that have passions of their own, and you'll build one another up.

  • Set up opportunities to grow outside of yourself.

For instance, my soul sister is hosting a retreat in Sedona. I've never been there, and I'd love the chance to support her and be a part of something amazing, so I'm deciding to prioritize making it happen.

  • Make it fun!

I decided to set a goal to learn more this year. I'm committing to picking one thing every month to research (anything I feel like!) and write a post about it. Be looking out for info on the Hermetic Principles next month.. when I know enough to tell you about them!

So take that leap of faith and try some new things. There's nothing to lose and so much to gain. You'll find that the universe will reach out to catch you!

I would love to hear what things you'd like to try this year! Any tips to share? Tell us!

Thank you for reading :)

- A

If you’re feeling the C-flow, or perhaps if your resolution is to expand your lexicon, check out this page I found while writing this post. I used ZERO of the words listed on “40 Clever Words that Begin With C”, but its way too interesting not to share. I imagine the author will have you hooked by “Cacafuego”!

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I love this post, thank you for breaking all of that down! I recently had a milestone birthday and decided to plan for a challenging mountain climb. As soon as I booked it on my calendar I found that my workouts became more fun and intense and I've had the most wonderful feeling of empowerment. A combination of #3 and #4 of your 7 C's!

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