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Deeply In Touch: Floating & Massage

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

'The infinite energetic body is the part of us that extends into all things - what connects us with everyone else. It is our infinite energetic body that connects our physical and

emotional bodies to the rest of the energetic field. This field brings back to us what we are

putting out. Like a magnet, we are pulling what we think and feel the most into to our personal experience.'

-- Vince David Spaulding, TOUCHistory

Recently, I had the pleasure of accompanying a dear friend to his first ever float session. This was especially meaningful since he is a gifted and experienced massage therapist. I was so excited to see how he would process this new-to-him modality. We spent the day in bliss and relaxation at the beautiful East Coast Float Spa in West Chester, PA.

A little bit about our guest:

Vince has been growing, learning, and evolving in the massage therapy tradition for the past 26 years. He specializes in advanced myofascial release and is a cupping and kinesio tape specialist. He has a great joy for teaching, and has acted as a mentor, lecturer, and continuing education instructor since 2004. A self-proclaimed lifelong student, he openly embraces opportunities to grow and experience new ways of looking at things. Currently, his work is guiding him to pursue training around reiki, chakra alignment, and deep energy work. As a human being, he is known to be selfless, humble, kind, and a gifted healer. We have been talking about a float day for awhile now! I'm so grateful our schedules finally synced to make this happen.

Did you have any expectations going in?

I had set an intention to let go of anger. A lot has happened over the last 5 years that were PTSD-inducing events. I have faced and dealt with many in my life, but I know I am still holding some of the trauma in my subconscious. I made my intention to move on from these events.

What are your current meditation practices?

I have practiced meditation for over 20 years now and as a full time massage therapist, I spend the vast majority of my day in a state of meditation. Eckart Tolle's book " The Power of Now" sent me such a powerful message. If I find myself in a state of being that is not agreeable to me, I go back to what I learned in this book and observe myself. I take note of the state I am in. It may take some time to get there, but usually I am able to shift to a place of calm in that moment.

Which wellness modalities have you tried?

Being in the alternative health field for so long, I have been exposed to many different wellness practices. At a certain point, you start to see how they intersect or flow into another. I have been lucky enough to spend several years working with physical and energetic modalities. I have very much enjoyed learning about the John Barnes Myofascial Release, which is used to treat chronic pain. Also, I have embraced a deep reverence for my daily meditation.

Just in the last 5 years I have become more involved in the spiritual aspect of wellness. I believe that embracing a level of spirituality is key to peaceful living. Your personal belief system is so important to explore and honor. To believe something will work has such great power.

Could you describe your brain state as you're beginning a message therapy session?

I make sure that I am fully present and centered...not dwelling in my past, nor my future. As a practitioner, it is my responsibility to leave any issues outside of the treatment room. I say a little prayer and check in with myself prior to entering the space. I do not know in advance what I am going to do. My mentor told me "If you know what you are going to do before you treat the client, then you don't know anything." and I have found that to be true. Once I am in the room, I am in a meditative state. I remain receptive and open to receiving the messages the client's body is sending.

Can you describe some of your experiences in the float tank?

The experience allowed for a deep unwinding to occur. I was pleasantly surprised how effortlessly my body slid through the water. After a short period of adjustment and orientation, I engaged in gentle, free-flowing movement. Checking in with each part of my body, I consciously released any tension. I found myself doing a lot of side bending and kundalini releases. When it felt good to roll my neck, I let my head glide gently from side to side. When I felt called to raise and lower my arms, I did so. It felt so good to give in to these organic, somatic movement. I found myself moving through this cycle 3-4 times within my session and would lose myself in it each time.

How did your physical body feel after the float?

Immediately post float, I felt a huge release of toxins from my body. I was giddy, almost light-headed, and grateful for the additional period of rest that the post-float lounge encouraged. After gradually returning to a state of conscious awareness, my energy levels grew. My whole ride home, I felt a positive buzzing over my skin. Traffic is typically a stress-trigger for me, and I maintained this beautiful, upbeat aura of peace the whole ride!

Knowing what you know about musculature, can you suggest movements for the tank?

Trust yourself! Allow the setting to relax you into a meditative state. Give your body permission to move on its own. Engage in free form flow. No need to over-think or attempt to achieve "poses". As you relax, it will come naturally. The structure of the float tank and buoyancy of the magnesium-infused water is the perfect setting for incredible, intuitive stretches. You may feel as if something is guiding you through a range of motions. Flip over on your stomach and move your back through cat-cow. Lift your arms and legs. Plant your feet and isolate different muscle groups. Don't be afraid to experiment. Do what feels good. No need to over-exert. Hold yourself in gentle tension until it no longer feels like a stretch, and then release. Remember to breathe.

What's a quote that guides you through each day?

My life isn't about me, but rather, it is truly measured by the lives I touch. Thank you for this experience. I am truly grateful.

If you were at all inspired by Vince's words, I welcome you to connect. He has graciously allowed me to share his contact information. Currently, Vince is practicing medical massage through


In 2023, Vince will also be releasing his book TOUCHistory, a collection of intimate musings on life, love, philosophy and beyond. As written by the author, this work is "a logical guide to becoming more self aware and self-empowered...A guide to experience Heaven on Earth!"

As always, thank you so much for reading. Next post will be on location at the 2022 Float Conference in Portland, Maine!

- A

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