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Abundant Giving: A Mindful Gift Guide

Updated: May 21, 2022

Yuletide Season is upon us! If, like me, you are searching for slightly more meaningful gifts for the ones you care about, take a look at this compiled list, sourced from my own loved ones. If you delight in the idea of bringing a genuine smile to someone's face..or if the thought of picking out a gift by absent-mindedly shuffling around a store for hours seems gross, then by all means, read on!

We're featuring gifts that are less commercial, less materialistic, more thoughtful, more precious.

For the Earth Mother...

Apothecary Treasures

How about something holistic?

There are several amazing shops that offer botanical tinctures -

⚘ curated herbal teas for immunity and wellness

⚘ infused hand-poured soaps

⚘ mood-boosting vitamin elixirs

⚘ chemical-free muscle salves.

These women-owned businesses craft luxe and natural lotions, soaps, and scrubs that you can feel GOOD about putting on your skin.

Check out: BUD AND BUTTA •• Rocker Soaps •• Sadiddy Hippie

Creator's Pick: Rachel -- the Fearless Founder of Rocker Soaps -- recommends her Shampoo bar. This herbal bar is hand-stamped and requires no packaging. It cuts down on your plastic waste and leaves your hair looking lustrous. Check out her link or search for local artisans in your area!


For the Dauntless Adventurer...

Annual Park Pass

Let's get outside! If the one you love craves dirt on their knees and sunshine on their face, help them break free. They will have one less thing to worry about when they pack up for their next hike. Park passes are good for a whole year, and usually pay for themselves within 2-3 visits.

For National Parks:

Each state offers their own pass, but here are some helpful links:

Honorable Mentions:

This vegan, cruelty-free, and reef-safe Sunscreen: Babo Botanicals


For your favorite *Hot Mess*...

Cleaning Services

Who here is an amazing cleaner? Do you love getting down and giving your house a good scrub? If not, that's OKAY! There are actually some people that are really good at it. Why not treat someone to a great round of cleaning for their home or vehicle? Trust me, they would be so grateful for this thoughtful and unexpected gesture.

The incomparably Kelly Jones aka The Cleaning Girl shared some tips:

• Make sure whomever you choose is licensed, bonded, and insured.

• Allow the cleaner to use your vacuum instead of bringing in their own.

(This prevents cross-contamination.)

• To maximize the overall experience, declutter and pick up a bit before the professional arrives so they can spend more time on the cleaning (versus organizing and straightening up).

Kelly is amazing. Her online content is really helpful (and often adorably funny!). Her company works with many independent contractors so they always have availability.

Check out and use promo code WELCOME for $15 off any new house cleaning visit. She is happy to offer gift certificates.

For vehicles: I love a local detailing service called Streetworx. They will come to you and detail your car at home or your office. I can think of a few on-the-go friends that could really use this.


For the Homebody...

a Potted Plant

Winter can be hard, with seemingly limited opportunities to enjoy the greenery of warmer months. Help someone bring some life back into their living space. Any natural nurturers in your circle might love to care for a cute little green squee. Caring for a living plant can also help keep seasonal depression at bay. Win win win :)


For the Coffee Coinnoiseuse...

Treat from the Local Coffee Shop

Coffee isn't dead! On the contrary, it is evolving, as is our perception of the experience. You don't have to go to $*#!-bucks or another commercialized, impersonal chain. Local small shops offer creative, delicious, and innovative blends that can *wake you up* to some new and surprising flavors. Put together a basket of assorted roasts plus a gift card to a place in your town with a great vibe. Here are some of my absolute favorites:

Newark, DE

Wilmington, DE

Kennett Square, PA


For the Engineer...

Board Games

Have you SEEN board games lately? Over the last 10 years, the concept of board games has evolved beyond the rolling of dice. Brilliant mathematicians-turned-designers, like Reiner Knizia and Elizabeth Hargrave have infused the board game renaissance with re-imagined mechanics such as resource management and "engine building" where you earn points by completing tasks to collecting resources and complete a goal. Stop by your local game store (they exist, I promise), and ask for suggestions. Here are some that came highly recommended by the gamers in my life:

For 2 people: Lost Cities

Quick play card game where you wager points and collect same-color runs. Easy to learn and addictive to play.

For a small group (max 5 Players): Ten

A press-your-luck auction style card game where you work to build color sets with money chips you earn in each round. You will be the star if you bring this to your next dinner party.

Cooperative Play: Horrified

An homage to the monsters of classic horror. This game is tons of fun because everyone works together to win as a team. Rescue citizens in distress, solve puzzles, and defeat the likes of Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster.

Fun to play with Kids: Point Salad

Finally! A game where you collect produce to amass points. In this fun and brightly colored card game, each player strategizes item collection to score sweet combos. Even your vegan friends will love it!


For the Stargazer...

a Natal Chart Reading

A natal chart, or birth chart notes the placement of planets and heavenly bodies at the time of one's birth. The raw information is one thing, and can be easily gleaned by clicking around on the internet. Interpreting the data astrologically takes years of research, and should involve consultation with a studied practitioner. This gift would be perfect for someone looking to do some deep introspection, or one going through a lot of changes. Natal chart readings can provide interesting insight and understanding on life's twists and turns, as projected through the lense of the cosmos!


For the Cottagecore Romantic...

Sweet Thrift Finds

You might think thrift shopping is relegated by the business hours of your favorite city's Arts District. Not so! There is a thriving online community of stylish and approachable shops where charming entrepreneurs do the leg work for you. There are Instagram pages that host daily to weekly product drops featuring tons of upcycled finds.

So many benefits here:

♥ find cool, interesting, one-of-a-kind-items

♥ get access to vintage fashion and goods from all over the country

♥ support a small business

♥ avoid contributing to the woefully wasteful fast-fashion clothing cycle

My absolute favorite Thrifting Goddess is @cottageinthehedge. Her drops are whimsical and lovely. You could also happily fall down the rabbit hole following some of the pages she recommends, like @mountainlaurelwares, @upsidaisyvintage and @ghostflowervtg

Find something authentic for the true original in your life.


For the One Who Has Everything

a Float

Aren't you proud of me for getting all the way to #9 before suggesting this? You know it is all I want! No one NEEDS more stuff. But to gift someone with the opportunity to unplug, reset, and reconnect with a deeper part of themselves, and thus, connect with everything? That's a gift that's worth so very much more than the price tag. Give the gift of a float to anyone who has been wanting to try it, but hasn't gotten around to it yet! Many local, independent float spas are offering great holiday discounts specifically to welcome in those newcomers.


For literally Anyone...

a Letter & Hug

Never underestimate the power of true care and healing touch. We give gifts as a way to express the love we feel for one another, and sometimes the most powerful way to share that sentiment is by expressing it freely. Please don't ever think that you need to spend money to shower love on your friends and family.

Thanks for reading. This was fun! And special thanks to everyone that contributed!

- A

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